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You'll Never Get Rid Of Me

October 22, 2011
By AmandaElizabeth PLATINUM, Fulton, Kentucky
AmandaElizabeth PLATINUM, Fulton, Kentucky
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I'm a cancer you can't get rid of,

the rock stuck in your shoe,

and the voice in your head,

telling you what to do.

I'm the person,

who's stuck to you like glue.

The person who loves you for you.

I'm the person trailing your steps,

who'll trail you till the end of time.

The person who loves limes,

and doesn't own a dime.

I'm just that person,

everyone wishes they were.

The person who trips over a dime,

and gets asked out by guys that act like limes.

I'm just like you,

and maybe him too.

The author's comments:
My sisters new friend inspired this when she said, "I'm like a cancer you can't get rid of."

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