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To Show You

October 22, 2011
By Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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"Life often feels like it's spinning. Just stop and look at the design being made."~ Advice given to me by my aunt Kaitlyn

Whispers of days
That I knew long ago
My many hurts
All those shadows
Now so far away
Yet always near

Lying here
Restlessly awake
It's you
Who keeps drawing my attention
I'm constantly thinking
Of just you

The night holds no peace
Nor does the day
As time passes by
As we stay apart
For you are my world
And my soul cries out for you

I wanted to show you
How much I cared
But roses wilt quick
Chocolates melt
Those three words
Have already been said so much
But I still wanted to try

You've given me a love
Like nothing I've known
You're so willing
To put up with me
Though I'm so insecure about myself
Though I have yet to forgive myself

You're so willing to wait
To be patient
As I learn once more
How to really trust

There is no way
To truly show you my gratitude
To show my love for you
Not through a kiss
Or a hug
Those can't give you
The full detail of how much you've done
Or how happy I am to be yours

You've helped me so much
Are helping me still
And yet
I have no clue
If you realize what you've done for me
Or to me

All I know
Is I'm glad to be with you
With all my heart
With all my soul
I do love you
And I hope this poem
Has shown you how much I do truly care

~56 lines

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