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The First Day I Met You

October 24, 2011
By jj9095 SILVER, Miami, Florida
jj9095 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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The First Day
I saw you in the hall
I grabbed my books tighter
and walked a little faster
You didnt even look at me

The Second Day
I tripped
while you were walking by
and you didnt notice

The Third Day
I ran into you
while i was looking down
we clashed and my papers fell
You were a gentleman
You asked me if you can walk me to my next class
Thats when i fell for you
Totally and completely fell for you

The Next Week
We became good friends
You met me for those 4 minutes in passing
we would talk and im pretty sure you would flirt
For i TRIED to flirt back
I grabbed my books tighter
and ignored my heart beat racing

The Second Week
You started getting closer to me
I would tell you everything
You started holding my hand
You were my life

The Third Week
We still met each other
Everything was going great
My life was a happy story
But it didnt last to the ending

The First Month
I was already used to meeting you
I wasnt used to looking at you
You winked at me before you left
Before you betrayed my love

The Second Month
You started slippin’
Making excuses for not seeing me in the hall
You barely winked at me anymore
for then i found out your reason

The Third Month
I walked by an unusual spot
Thinking maybe it was a short cut
Oh it was, to my class
But it was the end of our relationship
For you were there
Kissing another girl

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