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October 24, 2011
By jj9095 SILVER, Miami, Florida
jj9095 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Whyd you do it?
Whyd you have to hurt me so bad
And make my world crash
It was you who I loved
But this is how you repay me
For this is how you treated me
When you were all I ever cared for
But AFTER you break my heart
AFTER I get over you
You come back to me
When your lives a living hell
And you tell me You love me
But you ask me to give you a second chance
I think about it
Im not sure you mean it
But i look through all my doubts
And I look deep in my heart
And I find…
Nothing for you
Nothing for someone thats hurt me
Nothing left for a heartless person
Thats what i felt.
Nothing at all.
And I never will again
Simply because of you
A stupid kid that realized to late

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