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On the road

October 24, 2011
By ChristopherJ GOLD, Lanham, Maryland
ChristopherJ GOLD, Lanham, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched"-Edgar Allen Poe

On the road
I passed a man,twice my age
He told me "Keep your chin up ; life only gets harder when you don't see things coming"
I lifted my head
On the road
I saw a car speed pass me
On the back window was written "Just get this over with!"
I slowed down and took my time
On the road
I hear a woman
She said "You look lost"
In reply I said "I am,where is home?"
She replied "Its where the heart is,I was told to pass it on"
I followed my heart
On the road
I catch a fragrance
Of the flower bed around the grave
The beautiful contradiction
I appreciated life more
On the road
I feel a much older
I see my skin wrinkled
I keep walking
On the road
I see a young woman
She looks lost so I say to her "If your lost,home is where the heart is don't forget to pass it on"
On my way home
On the road
I see a man fixing his car
He said "Can't I just get this over with"
I keep pace,no need to rush
On the road
I see a young man
He looks familiar with his head hanging down
I say "Keep your chin up,life only gets harder when you don't see things coming"
He lifted his head
On the road to find himself...

The author's comments:
Some times you learn the most from the little things in life.

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