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Goodbye Childhood

October 18, 2011
By jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
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Oh hello, thank you for coming; I have so much to say
And I didn’t want to write a letter, rather say it face to face
You can place your coat over there, would you like a cup of tea?
To drown my heavy words on our history
You can sit down on the chair, where do we start?
I feel a pain in my side but a smile in my heart
Remember when there was nothing for us to ever fear
The world was my horizon; the world was your ear
Things will never slow down; we’ll never be this free
Never watch the stars, nor have simplicities
Things have been great, these years have be fun
With a little bit of light from this Pittsburgh sun
I tremble, I’m scared, but my other half is brave
I feel I am renewed, as if my soul has been saved
Through Pop tart mornings, and late night reviews
Through Physics, and flip-flops, and the evening news
You’ve always been there, I never thought I’d say goodbye
But time is drawing close, for this part of me to die
So thank you for the tears, and realization of myself
Thank you for the strength when no one seemed to help
Thank you for the lessons and for my integrity
Thank you for the brutal truth in this reality
Do you need more tea or perhaps a glass of wine?
Okay, then I will carry on with my testament to time
So in our last months together, I will try to find some joy
In the future that’s enfolding or the eyes of a boy
I will try to stop and stare at what will never be the same
I’ll scream a little louder, I’ll play a few games
I must say you’ve changed me; you’ve given me a voice
When there is one way to go, I will make a choice
Can I give you a hug, a fragile, quick embrace?
To thank you for my confidence and my growing grace
So now I prepare to say goodbye, my longest, truest friend
Memories inside my soul will keep until my end
Life has never seemed so large from where I always stood
Goodbye my friend, my enemy, my joyous, childhood

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