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Morning Breaks, Twilight Falls

October 16, 2011
By beautifuldreamer GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
beautifuldreamer GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
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Morning breaks with a squaw and a cackle
And the scrape of a wooden chair being pushed away from a kitchen table
The birds outside starting to peep hesitantly,
And the nighttime reluctant to relinquish her grasp on the woods and the nocturnal beasts

Morning breaks with a
Opening of a small purple flower,
The dew starting to shine on a spider’s web,
And a confused owl who whooing and a robin laughing and a cricket chirping

Morning breaks with a dropped mirror
Morning breaks with the shattered glass spreading across the floor
Morning breaks as the chair splinters and the ice cracks and the twig snaps

And then the day passes

And then twilight falls

Twilight falls with the same confused owl who whooing and the cricket chirping
And the scraping and clinking of silverware on dinner plates
And the soft almost-silent clicks as lights hiss turn on to replace the sun
And the soft almost-silent swooshing of grass and bushes
As the nocturnal beasts begin to awaken to replace their daytime counterparts

Twilight falls with the orange and brown leaf let go of by the tree,
Twilight falls with the dropped mirror and the shattered glass,
Twilight falls with soft bodies hitting mattresses for bed

And thus the day rushes by violently
Breaking and

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