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October 7, 2011
By eliana375 GOLD, Massachusetts
eliana375 GOLD, Massachusetts
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What is it?
It is joy.
It is a good feeling.
It may be a reaction.
A positive emotion in response to a favorable event.
Or a general attitude.
A positive outlook on life.
The ability to appreciate the good.
The love of life.
The simple delight in each small moment.
It is pride.
It is the pride that we stand for something.
For something that gives us a sense of purpose.
It is a sense of purpose.
It is the thought that we are accomplishing something of worth.
Happiness is the understanding that we are of worth.
That our actions are of worth.
And the knowledge that other people are of worth.
That other people are kind.
That they are open.
That they are loving.
That they love us.
That we are loved.

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