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October 8, 2011
By Sincerely_Sammie GOLD, Baldwinsville, New York
Sincerely_Sammie GOLD, Baldwinsville, New York
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"Prove them all wrong."

Waiting for a call that you’re sure to never get,
Looking for the answers to end this silly bet.
I’m searching out the window for something still unseen,
Waiting for the day that my grass could again be green.

Hello world where all is new,
Goodbye nights once spent with you.
Yes I’m looking passed the door
At you walking, so unsure.
You think that it should be over
As you’ve lost your four leaf clover,
Luck is not the same as love,
Still you say you’ve had enough.

Waiting for a smile that I hope could still be true,
Looking for a day that I could spend with you.
I’m searching out of fear that our love was truly lost,
Waiting for this ending to begin a love more soft.

Thank you for this time, well spent,
Even if your heart was only lent.
I cannot simply walk away
Still you’ve proven that you cannot stay,
I’ve tried to love you
I’ve loved you true.
Still, you say that this love is through.

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