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Love and Loss

September 22, 2011
By X-crazybeautifullife-X SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
X-crazybeautifullife-X SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
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"Sometimes we hurt the people we love because we love them"

With a family comes love and loss. The kind you never want to come across. It takes your soul with its big hand. A burning pain that makes it hard to stand.

The love is like a beautiful flower. The lights so bright like a meteor shower. it makes you feel so whole and complete. It makes the pain feel broken and beat.

The two strong emotions can make you or break you. There are some really stupid things they can make you do. The love can make you a whole new person. The hate can make you'rs and others feelings worsen.

The good thing about family is that they have the same feelings. They can really help you with what you are dealing. It does'nt matter what you say or do. They'll always be there, just for you. <3

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