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Turn it up

October 4, 2011
By LoveKills GOLD, Niantic, Connecticut
LoveKills GOLD, Niantic, Connecticut
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And people say we wear tight jeans and dye our hair. That doesnt mean we can't scream or make loud noise.

I'm sick of people, people saying the world is messed up.
I'm sick of people covering everything up.
I'm sick of this blanket over the world that we all hide under.
I'm sick only hearing the storys about our great heros.
I'm sick of leaving the world as it is.
I'm sick of being yelled at for taking a stand.
I'm sick of being told to turn down the music.
Turn it up! Crank it up so the world can hear every note, every word, every thing!
This world is ours, lets tear through the walls that block us from what is going on.
We can't hide anymore from what is our future.
Instead of letting them block us lets fight back and i know we will win.
It's not a rebel yell this is a battel call!

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