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Forget I'm a Fragment

September 10, 2011
By emilyjoe DIAMOND, Algonquin, Illinois
emilyjoe DIAMOND, Algonquin, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"What if the person in the puddle is real, and you're just a reflection?" -Calvin & Hobbes

So I guess then I asked you to dance
I’ve always strived to be that imperfect contradiction
Swimming through the mountains of another world
I’ll try to keep you interested
I make silly faces at you
Mentally hitting rewind
Park swings benchmarking lovers of your childhoods' inability to make up your mind
A distant corner of my past
I thought you’d fade
But we weren’t so lucky
Bad memories can come of dark places and small windows
These memories we stir up to remind ourselves of how miserable we were with chalk on our hands and bruises on our hearts
People kill for breathing simplicity
It’s something of a melody
But nothing less
So did she know?
That in a land before time
All that there was
Beautiful fragments of pine needles and love
I didn’t even know
Although sometimes I did
But what I forgot was to lean forward and whisper
It wasn’t worth it
Because you aren’t her
This was my last attempt at saving you
But what do you do
When scissors just won’t cut it
What’s mine was once yours
So I gave you my rope
Hands in the air to catch you
All I caught that day was deception
And yet my smile shines
As the breath of summer fades
This is the only thing we never shared
Because when my tears run dry
I wear colorful scarves and dance to the music of snow
He told me I must love it if I can fashion words out of it
He was wrong
I hate snow
But it isn’t over until you have a brain freeze and my feet hurt from walking
Sometimes all you need is a good cardigan
But what we needed was to sit down
And rest
Struggling to walk your last mile
Spread your wings, I'll pour you a cup of tea
Is comic relief embedded in our DNA?
Sometimes we try
Pretentiously kicking our feet back
But you had sand in your hair and my coffee was cold
It was before you had hair though that I felt you kick my tiny hand from inside of mommy's belly
He won’t say it anymore, but I know he does
Because nothing breaks for good
Just ceases to have the mental capacity to put itself back together
The sun goes down
And all that we have
Are brief friendships that shape hearts on the back of our hands

The author's comments:
After going to the 2011 Teen Ink New York Writing Program, my writing has completely changed. I have been inspired so much by every girl that I met, and have used what I have learned from them to better my writing. Love you Tinkers. This is for you.

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