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In tears and coffee cups

August 31, 2011
By pamplemousse93 PLATINUM, State College, Pennsylvania
pamplemousse93 PLATINUM, State College, Pennsylvania
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"Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday."

In between coffee cups and gossip, his freckled nose and timid smile
Sent me back to sleepless nights, I’d beg
The moon to teach me how to dance tonight.
Watching the slow tick tock of time,
Just to hear the simple words,
Asking how things are, enough space stitched between our words
For him to want an answer.
His beautiful, innocent, troubled eyes that beg the questions of the world.
A silver gleam embedded in his timid approach tells me
He’s seen more than a day’s laughter, a moment’s beauty
Could erase.
Yet he looks at me as though my heart beats the answers
To sickly blue skin, to screams, echoing off the walls.
He squeezes me like he’ll never let me go,
Like I’m worth all the stars of the universe,
So dispair’s next scream won’t be into
Vast emptiness,
But into the arms of worry, determination
Pulsing into his veins.
Heavy breathing and nuzzling into quiet passion
surrounds a once careless world.
The way his arm wraps around my waist, I was born to touch him, born to want him.
I no longer think about what I’m doing, but who I’m with, who I’ll become.
He says a compliment like the sweet aftertaste of lust.
Has so much yearning to know a simple story, to glide through a body of sorrows.

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