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Question: Why Bother?

August 21, 2011
By KaraTaylor DIAMOND, Neptune, New Jersey
KaraTaylor DIAMOND, Neptune, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments"

"experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes."

"be as you wish to seem."

"it's better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you are not."

within the same body are my heart and brain.

my heart falls for your lies and my brain plays your game.

tell me why I ruin myself? tell my why I cant stop?

tell me what have I done to deserve this?

tell me where to go from here.

tell me what happens now that you're gone

tell me why it only hurts right now.

tell me why at any other given time my heart feels fine

except when it is without you?

tell me why I try?

tell me why its my fault?

tell me why she is so much better?

why you had promised me forever?

tell me when you decided I wasnt good enough for your love.

tell me when you forgot the way you felt.

why is it you feel the need to hurt?

to destroy?

to let my heart ruin...

tell me why you play these games on the good girls..

when there are plenty of bad girls that love your two player game...

tell me why me?

the girl that was there.

the girl that trusted you.

the girl that does well; is going somewhere.

what makes me so playable while all the others are throwing themselves at you?

and you pick me from a crowd and say thats the girl I'd like to ruin today...

and you take your time, you know that game.

where you fool to trust. and you fake something special.

so when will someone become smart and create an alarm for my heart so your burglaries will stop?

I can't take this anymore. . . .

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