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The Doll

August 22, 2011
By snaomi PLATINUM, Cheshire, Connecticut
snaomi PLATINUM, Cheshire, Connecticut
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the Town is quiet now

they all left in a long Train

Of suffocating wooden cars

…some were crying. my heart cringes to see grown Men


maybe Tears are evidence that they are inferior
but I don’t

just today

the rest of us played,

now they tramp through the Dust to where?

now they board the boarded-Up cars…

now they give up Hope as the train-wheels squeak

a Girl in the crowd

held a doll, a sack-doll, a rag-tag cloth Doll

With beaded eyes and pink Cheeks

I Watched her pass watched her care-Worn eyes too old

her yellow Star burning a hole in her breast

more deadly
than a thousand

angry Guns

she dropped the doll in the

bustle, trample, pell-Mell

bent to pick it up

A shot rings


No explanation,
just the whimpers of

her mother

rots and spoils

in the

the doll waits in the Mud

too-bright Cheeks smudged with mud

Crushed into the mud

the Nightmare continues for hours

i should go home but i don’t and no one picks up the doll or the girl who by now is attracting Crows and Fleas and Flies while the soldiers smile and nod and dance with other little girls

and when the procession finally ends and the wheels are set in motion and


wave out of barred windows

and the soldiers disappear with their girls

the Doll leers out of the mud

i want to pick it up

cradle it like She did

the only memory

of a little Star-girl

the doll waits in the Mud for days until the garbage collector

takes it away with

the rest of the Dirt

No one remembers – no one cares


the town is Quiet now…

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