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She has a story to tell

August 7, 2011
By bribre92 SILVER, Cleveland, Tennessee
bribre92 SILVER, Cleveland, Tennessee
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Too many of them.

She sits in the back of the crowded room,

unmoving..not sure what to do, what to say.

She sees others, laughing, talking...conversing.

Her lips can't seem to move, even in an attempt at a pained smile.

Help her!

Her face might not show it,

Her body language might not show it,

but her eyes, those beautiful hazel eyes...

are swimming with tears.

Please help her.

Help her see that she IS wanted,

that she IS needed.

..That she's loved.

Her eyes, full of the pain of her youth, beg you to intercede.

Don't talk, Just listen to her!

She has a story to tell.

She is waiting for you,

for her mouth will not open by itself.

She is a puppet to her pain.

Please come and cut the strings.

All she wants is someone to hold her close and LISTEN.

No talking.


For her heart is under lock and key,

by the same that has locked away her lips from speaking.


Oh, why won't you leave her alone?

She seeks joy,

joy everlasting.


What is that??


No clue what that is either..

So as she sits on that pew in the back of the church,


go talk to her!!

And remember,


No talking.

She has a story to tell.

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