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" my blessing, your curse."

August 6, 2011
By myemoboyromance PLATINUM, Olivehurst, California
myemoboyromance PLATINUM, Olivehurst, California
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I don’t know what else to believe in if all you do is try your best to get even at something I had no dealing in, I don’t know what truth to leave in my words if all you do is take everything and throw it back at me backwards. I wouldn’t say everything’s going to be ok if I wasn’t really sure. You think my actions are twisted and that hate has everything to do with it, you think it hurts now wait till after wards when I say I’m through with this. I’ll say good bye but I don’t want a single bittersweet kiss, I know I deserve better or at least that’s what you said in your lie filled letters. Now that the blinds are open and the room can’t get any darker who now is seen as the pretender? By the end of the night one of us is gonna surrender And I love the way she thinks I’m going to defend her against the fury inside of me, she better run now because there won’t be any mercy from me. you’ve made me this heartless beast, I wont back down girl you won’t get back inside the mind of me, this person you made me is prepared to show no mercy. It’s not what’s on the outside but what lingers underneath. Can’t you see I’m holding back, standing here clenching my teeth. You better stay away from me. I’m told I’m full of beauty and yet I’m portrayed as the evil beast. You ask me what I am but you’d have to get closer and see for yourself. I know you can save you but I doubt you can save me from the hurt that’s enslaved me from all the he** that you gave me. Please untie me from a faith unlived. You say my weakness for you isn’t a curse it’s a gift and in the end you’ll obey my wish but I know that you can’t handle this. You’re asking for sixths before you’ve even had your first, you think I’m bad now? You’ve yet to see my worst. Wait till the only thing I can think is quenching hates thirst. Then perhaps I’ll see this as a blessing and no longer a curse when I see the fear in your eyes and the fumbling of your words. I found the blessing in the curse.

The author's comments:
it can get ugly but within the ugliness of a monster lies a beauty of its own and thats thats the thing i wanted to stick out the most."

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