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There is still hope

July 26, 2011
By moskow21 SILVER, Orange, Virginia
moskow21 SILVER, Orange, Virginia
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"There is still hope"

walking, pacing, sometimes sleeping
never breathing, never dreaming
broken heart faintly beating
hardly living
all alone

working, fighting grueling days
never resting, never waking
forced into a bleak routine
hardly human
more machine

biting humor, scathing gaze
never happy, never full
eyes that burn with icy stare
hardly feeling
…I don’t care

crying, sighing, loneliness
bleary eyes bleeding tears
11:11 desperately wishing
secretly hoping
to be loved

the love notes falling from my lips
dust the hard cold ground like snow
fragile crystal memories
melting into the unknown

What must I do to make you see
just how much you mean to me?
“Nothing more than love me true,
just as much as I love you.”

Your words echo, echo in my mind
a flint that strikes my faith—a spark
a peace, a joy, a fleeting thought
a promise in the dark

Now our hearts are pulling closer
the space between shrinking fast
finally together
perfectly forever
you and me
completely whole.

A simple notion, potent still
rekindles flames, a brilliant light
brightly burning, gently warming
never fading through the night

Chase away the dark and gloomy
keep your head held high
there’s a beating… breathing…
entangled sweetly in a sigh

Shake off the shackles on your mind
free your dreams once more
chase after rainbows, fading visions
wish on every falling star

For this is love, love so pure
that fills you up like summer wine
healing hurt, soothing strife
and bringing sun-bleached bones to life

The author's comments:
It's 11:12. I missed my wish. So I wrote a poem instead.

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