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What once was mine.

July 30, 2011
By bribre92 SILVER, Cleveland, Tennessee
bribre92 SILVER, Cleveland, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
Too many of them.

I keep my face upturned,

acting as though I see you not.

..though my very soul feels the vibrations of your presence.

My very heart cries out for you,

for love.

You have reached out, but to no avail.

For once my heart was open to you completely,

now...it has built up it's defense.

It's walls are much too thick now.

It's been hurt many times before.

Not by your doing,

nonetheless it shuns you away, though my soul cries out to you in silence.

Heart! Open back up, my soul cries.

My heart remains stoic...

unrelenting in it's violent endeavor to be numb.

So I wait, praying for the day when my heart will once again be open to love.

Then I will seek you out,

and once again....

reclaim what once was mine...

your love.

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