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Educational Zombie

August 1, 2011
By K.H.D. PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
K.H.D. PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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You dislike us and expect
Words from us with respect.
You ignore the facts
That some of us lack
The motivation,
Due to our frustration.
You expect us to understand
Each lesson taught as the backs of our hands.
Irate you become
When we try to have fun.
For when we make active our rights
And use our vocabularies for fights.
Pointing out our disagreements,
Remaining on a biased fence,
You've become an educational zombie:
Sucking the lives of he, she, them and we.
Forgetting that some can't afford to buy,
New clothes without holes, you ask us why
We have no tape covering them up.
We can't buy tape if we can't afford clothes without holes on our knees, our butts.
You look down upon us and appear belligerent
When we hold hands with a sign of compassion sent.
You scream, angrily, continuing to yell
When we had no time for homework in our home of he**.
Some have it worse than your upper-middle class paycheck,
Some live in the slums and some in a wreck;
Some with a single parent, some with none;
Some with a drunk and some contemplating to run;
Many with mental battles of low self-esteem,
And many with worse than what seems.
To be such a monster, you baffle me;
You've all you ever wanted yet continue to be
An educational zombie working in these schools,
Thinking highly of yourself, thinking you're cool.
Have no sympathy for us, have no anger against,
Just understand when some miss school for work to pay the rent.
Accept that we are of different sexualities,
Accept that with lower GPAs we still try to be
Respected members of society,
Accepted members of our community.
Educational Zombies,
This is for all you to see;
Take these words to heart,
From now to long after your students depart.

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