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My 11/11 Wish

July 16, 2011
By KrissyJazz DIAMOND, Mankato, Minnesota
KrissyJazz DIAMOND, Mankato, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
Wisdom begins in wonder.

I wish
That all over the world
Things would get better
That sickness
And hunger
Would disappear
That families would stay together
And stand by each other
Through good times
And bad ones
That no one would be made
Afraid to fall in love
No matter what that means
That society would see the
Wrong they've done
And the harm they've caused
In trying to place
Limitations on love
That money would no longer
Define a thing's value
Or a person's worth
That leaders would lead
Because they want what's
Best for their people
And their country
And not because they want
Fame or power
That wars would not be fought
With the intention of beating the enemy
But with the intention of winning something
That was worth fighting for
That people would start to look at each other
And see their similarities
Instead of their differences
That kindness would be given
Even when it isn't needed
Or asked for
And that people's happiness
Would always become their life's pursuit
I wish
That all over the world
Things will get better
And that everyone
Who shares this wish with me
Will realize that they are the gateway
Through which the wish will step
Out of our imaginations
And become a reality.

The author's comments:
This was my wish. I couldn't think of anything else that was more important to me... Or what would be more important to everyone else.

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