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Dear dad

July 11, 2011
By josephdamian SILVER, Brampton,
josephdamian SILVER, Brampton,
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Another night finds me unable to sleep,
It's not for you, but for me that I weep;
I miss you so much, and my heart bears a hole,
'Cause with you went a part of my soul;
I tried to suppress it all inside,
You did not go, You did not die!
But as the days slowly pass, and time takes it course;
I've learned to accept my life without yours;
I know that someday, we'll meet again,
So I'll just try to be strong until then;
I hope that you're watching, and guiding me right,
I hope that you hear me talking each night;
I'll try to go on, and try to withstand,
And know that you're always holding my hand;
Although I can't see you, and can't hear you speak,
I know that you're there, keeping me from feeling meek.

There's only one fish I've caught since you've gone,
My desires not there, it just seems all wrong;
Everything that I have was once all your gear,
Each time that I see it, it brings out a tear;
I think of the times we fought in the boat,
How early we rose, to get it afloat;
Everyday that I went, I swore was my last,
'Cause you'd get so mad each time that I'd cast;
I'd give anything for one of those days,
When I caught the fish, and you caught the rays.
Only one wish I have when you glance down on me,
Please help my man keep his line out of the tree;
Now I see why you'd get so mad,
It's hard to catch fish when your partner's so bad;
I guess for now, he'll have to do,
But he's not me, and I'm not you;
Maybe someday, we'll catch a big mess,
Just look down, and wish us your best;
The roles have now changed, and I'm in your chair,
Unhanging his line from everything there.
I get mad, I yell, and I scream,
It does no good, he's still in the tree!

As the day goes on and the sun takes it's toll,
We reel in our lines and bring in our poles;
His lines are all popped, and mine are worn thin,
From all the big fish that I have pulled in;
At least that's the story, I tell all our friends,
How he pulled in "twigs", while I pulled in "fins";

My temper comes honest, I got it from you,
But I've never known you to stretch out the truth!
Oh, who am I kidding, you stretched everything,
'Cause you were my Dad....The Bass Fishing King...

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