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The Free World

July 11, 2011
By AnaLisa BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
AnaLisa BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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As my barefeet wonder
through the forest,
I am intoxicated by the
melodic sound of
life just living.
For here,
only acceptance dwells
and inadequecy disappears.
The fallen and forgotten trees
speak more of life than death.
The forest breathes of relief
because, here, the air is crisp
the outside world ceases to exist,
and even through the shadows,
I know incandescent light
will always shine through.
This world is different
This is my world...
Completely Free

The author's comments:
Being a Christian often times, lving morally can be a difficult task. However, it seems a lot more attainable when I think of my relationship with God being private and peaceful. When I think of peace I think of the forest. It is when I think of this peace to that living becomes easier and my heart is at rest.

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