Just Don't

July 14, 2011
You walk passed me,
Giving me the evil eye,
Do you think how that could affect me?
You rant on about your new girlfriend,
Saying how perfect she is,
Do you think the youth group cares?
You tell me you don’t care anymore,
Do you think I believe that?
You cry because she cheated on you again,
Do you think I even care anymore?
You say I am being rude,
I say you’re the a******,
You ask how you’re being mean to me,
My answer is you gave her 4 chances,
And gave me only 1,
You ask why I think that is,
I say because I was the first one to hurt you like that,
I say don’t try to defend yourself,
You say why not,
I say just don’t,
It would hurt me too much.

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treehouse said...
Jul. 28, 2011 at 6:46 pm
Good writing! I love how you express yourself!
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