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My Corner

July 17, 2011
By Faded SILVER, Minesing, Other
Faded SILVER, Minesing, Other
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I’m alone
So alone
In a crowd
It shouldn’t be this way
But it is

People pass me by
They’re blind
And they can’t see me
The pain they’re inflicting
It’s there

As I hide in my corner
Wasting away
My day runs
Leaving me here
Full of fear

Living a life full of fear
The few things I hold dear
Wasting away in my corner
Nobody cares
As long as I’m not there

Not here, not there
As long as I disappear
Nobody cares
Unseen, unheard
Not a sound, not a word

I’m invisible
Hidden away
My corner is my home
My castle
If only they knew

They pain inside
Tearing me apart
My life is withering away
Hidden in my corner

I’m turning into an animal
Caged, hidden
Nobody knows
But one day they will see
What they have done to me
I’m hiding now
Afraid of the pain
Afraid of the horror
If I come out
They will tear me apart

I’m afraid
I don’t want to be picked on
But left alone
Not in my corner

I stay in my corner
To keep myself safe
In a different place

I hide to save
Myself from the pain
The taunting, the teasing
The black cloud full of rain

I feel like everyone's turned away
Save me
Pity me, even
Don't turn your back on me
And leave me in my corner

The author's comments:
I was at a school dance one time, and was abandoned to a corner by all my peers. They shunned me, and it really effected me.

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