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I am a Ghost

June 25, 2011
By itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
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I frown when I just watch, I smile to see you happy.
Just your ghost far gone from here
while I watch your new shadow stay near...
and I frown at the sight for a ghost can never cry,
for I am dead I have no purpose in life.
Im in denial but truly i know inside the truth.
Just floating around; Just another skeleton in the closet.
Ive been there with you even though you dont even notice me.
I wish you could stare at me like I do at you.
The shadow it lurks It knows Im around.
The shadow has become your strings, Its moving you away.
Why cant I be your other, not just the ghost of past.
I'm only hear too haunt you that is my task.
Kind of like your guardian angel watching your steps.
How I'd like to cry, but a ghost can not cry!
A ghost I am and a host I seek.
Ive possessed a new body and I am a shadow.
This body seems odd, doesn't feel like home.
I can sense you near, where are you...your close.
This body grows too hate, why is it angered by you?
Your body seems too notice, but do you really?
I follow you and my footsteps leave green marks.
Please I rather you not notice, but yet I seek for attention.
Rather weak I feel In this body, how do you feel about our seclusion?
Your crying please do not, Yet your happy Tell me whats on your mind!
I will never know, for I am a ghost.
I am your ghost forever haunting your body.
But I may not cry, for I am a ghost.
Another skeleton in your closet, that will always remain unknown.

The author's comments:
Ever feel like you were nothing just the background secenary while you watch the person you love drift away from you. Thats how I felt.

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