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Dear, you....Sincerly, me

June 25, 2011
By itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
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why? I'm sorry was it my fault.
I didn't mean too i swear
did i do something wrong?
I tried my best i did what i could.
I asked for you back but all i got was a push too the end
I cried myself too bed and i hurt myself real bad?
I blamed myself, and i felt at a lose
and at a point i felt that death was a mere fall
I went through pain unimaginable
I saw truths unspeakable
At my most important moments you weren't there
When i needed you the most you ran somewhere
when I suffered the most you looked and walked back.
But, I knew deep inside i needed too fled
but my heart contained me too keep were i was at
Through darkness and light i waited patiently; why i actually don't understand
Soon as expected you came back in time?
pleading for acceptance
and apologies thrown at
as gullible as i am
I accepted; my bad?
Gave in and let go
withdrew from the lock
i left myself open
didn't notice i had been blocked?
deep inside i pained too see
he still saw other women
and i keep myself free
I decided too leave i just couldn't,
take it?
I went and found another
you though i could never?
I though to myself what an impudent fool
I said I'd stay forever
but you made that impossible; true!
At least im happy at least he understood.
Hes ready for a relationship
unlike you
Now im gone ive fled the scene
im hoping your well with who ever you please?
I only wish the best because i wont lie
you meant the world too me deep inside
and i will admit i still love that smile
You've changed me for the better
and you've hurt me in the worst
You've helped me develop a heart well torn.
But even soo i always still had hope
and you will always have a place in my heart
but no in time you will move apart
For I know there will be another
too take my heart

The author's comments:
Wow.Such an old poem. I wrote this summer going into freshmen year when I meet my current boyfriend. 2 Summers ago wow. I was still torn over my ex ,but my current boyfriend helped me move on. I hope someone whos gone through this understands that in time wounds do heal.

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