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Blissful lies of moon goodbyes

June 25, 2011
By itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
itsmichellebro GOLD, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
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When the moon rises up
deeply you fall
cast into my eyes and slowly we rise
the sun wont come up not yet at least
for the moon still shines
it shines for you and me
Now sink into the water
Ripples and Ripples were drowning with air.
The water it calls me it speaks with your stare
Now follow me follow me into the sky
the moon is calling for us tonight
Hurry hurry the sun too arise
Its glorious gleam is sure too take us from, the night
Glistening stars, shots from up high
Streaming ribbons of milky skies
Gaze into the mirroring lies
hold that picture one last time
Brighter and brighter keep those eyes tight
For the image is changing into
bright orange lights

The author's comments:
Well I also wrote this one about 2-3 years ago. Honestly I was on a rampage with how many poems i made around these times. I lost a majority of them sadly. Don't remember why I made this one but I really loved writing it I know that for sure.

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