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My Wall

June 27, 2011
By Roselynne GOLD, Hillsboro, Oregon
Roselynne GOLD, Hillsboro, Oregon
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No matter where you are in the world, you are always looking at the same stars as someone else.

Around me I have built a wall
inside the wall is me and me alone
there is one door in which friends may come in and go out
only one, and few know where it is hidden.
Inside my wall is my garden
not half as beautiful as the Garden of Eden
but as good as I could do.
The flowers bloom, radical reds, dashing blues, pretty pinks
the trees produce fruit, scrumptious pears, delicate peaches,
one drop and they are smushed, but the taste is worth everything
the climbing to the top of the trees, the picking the beautiful fruit.
I have built my wall for many reasons and they are soon to come.
My wall is just a wall for it has no ceiling, no drape to keep the sun out,
no screen to keep the birds away, they lay their nests in my trees where,
they are content and I must pick around them but they sing my music so I like them around.
One door in the circle, one door in which I never set foot out,
the world to big, the world to cruel, in a way I have made myself my own Rapunzel,
that is one reason why I have locked myself in a circular wall.
Inside my wall there is peace, and calm, and quiet,
somewhere for me to think and breathe and just be.
No where is like home; no where is like my wall,
keeping me safe from dangers, destruction of others and myself,
inside my wall is safe and quiet a place to rest with God and the animals that love me.
They climbed the wall you see, and they want to stay,
a fox, a rabbit, a dog, a wolf, and stray cat with part of her ear missing,
they all climbed my wall either because they wanted to be safe, and loved,
or they wanted to love me.
That’s the other reason why I built this wall,
not to just keep people out but to see who loved me enough to climb over it,
and get to it,
past the dangers, and the dark spots,
past my past, and the things I regret.
True I have built a wall to keep myself safe and to keep people out,
but it serves a double purpose:
who cares enough to put everything aside and come after me,
come after me in the deepest part of my brain,
past even the despair and lost hope,
and into the peaceful quiet haven I have begun to believe is what heaven is like,
that is the true purpose of my wall.

The author's comments:
I was just thinking about it and seeing all the things saying "I have built a wall around me not to keep people out but to see who loves me enough to climb over it" and I decided to write this, I hope everyone likes it and rates and comments on it

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