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A Chilly Sunrise in October

June 17, 2011
By Jesse914 BRONZE, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Jesse914 BRONZE, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
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The grey of that time before dawn
Seeps sleepily through my window,
Coating my room in a misty layer of
Pearly silence unbroken
You can almost hear the last echoes of night
Preparing to slip away.
The pulse of the Earth quickens as a blush of color
Appears on the floating horizon,
A suggestion of relief from the dark
And the cold far-distant light of the moon.
Gold from gold
Vermillion orange to forest green and brown
The trees reflect the glow of near brilliance
The purple and blue tints the grey of the sky to the West
As the Eastern sky ignites
With the rising sun.
Awakening now
You can taste the color in the air
Feel its warmth on your face
Penetrating the foggy morning with a shaft of sparkling sunrise
Illuminating the autumn landscape with
A brisk scattering of beauty
A fiery orb slowly burning away at the night.
Drenching my room with the clear liquid light of the new day,
Bringing to life the rest of the resting elements.
The water stirs away sleep when blue brushes her glassy face
The earth, soaked with the dew of dawn, stretches her limbs and blinks open her eyes,
The air shivers awake.
A fresh and vibrant breeze as a flame ascends in the sky
Brightening the world

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