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June 14, 2011
By StellaESP DIAMOND, Williston Park, New York
StellaESP DIAMOND, Williston Park, New York
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I am a number
Branded with digits,
There is no name to put upon my face.
I no longer laugh with the grace of God,
For there is no more grace.
I am a number
Covered with stripes,
I cringe in a corner.
My hair is shaven, along with my
A faint memory held loosely,
Quickly being taken from my mind.
Myself, I see when I look at those who are Deceased wondering when it will be my time.
I am a number
My body lifeless, emaciated,
Only bread to feed my weary soul.
I am a number
Smelling the debris of flesh
As it melts, leaving shattered bones to be Swept, the piles only
Cluttering the floor.
I am a number
Who watches children
Take their last steps,
Not knowing
Gas will take their
Last breath.
I am a number
Glowing by the brightness of fear that
Bleeds out of peoples faces,blood, sweat, and
I am a number
Hearing the beatings of people and their kin
As they scream deep into the night,
Even though they know that now their Screaming is worthless,
No need to put up a fight.
I am a number
Who witnessed family and friends being Shattered,
Becoming one with the broken glass that Settles in the streets
As people walk around trying not to graze Their feet.
I am a number
Almost burned alive when the
Nazi, laughing, brought flames of horror to Our synagogues,
Turning our hearts cold from inside.
I am a number
Smothered in waters of melancholy,
Never being able to pick myself up in the ocean of shoes that drowns me.
I am a number
Guilty until proven innocent
There will be no trial
There will be no remorse.
I am a number
Clutching at the edge of life,
Knowing if I let go
I will not wake with the morning rise.
I feel the pain of ones sorrow as does the Person who stands beside me.
Our road to the future is tapered and soon will be closed when my
Last breath of air is drawn.
Then comes the ending of our struggle, Death taking us under his wing.
I am a number.
Right now, I am ashamed to say
Our grave is the only key to unlock the cage
That cages me as if I am a circus animal put on display.
Washing away my pride,
I no longer see myself as one with humanity
I am a number
Losing my patience of waiting.
I want,
I need,
To live once more,
My life.
I am a number
Wishing God does not
Rebuild this road out of human suffering
Combined with sacrifice.
I am a number
To escape this plague of prejudice
That placed me here
Behind the bars of what some would say is a
Picket fence.
I am a number
A soul,
A heart.
I am a number
Who was once a person,
More than digits.
But who am I to say?
I am a number
Telling myself that I am dreaming.
And when I wake up
This will be a faint memory,
But every time I wake from sleep
I am still living behind a fence,
That has long ago foretold my

The author's comments:
I wrote this for those who died in the Holocaust, those who could not speak out for themselves.

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