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Soldier <3

June 9, 2011
By MoonHeart SILVER, PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania
MoonHeart SILVER, PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania
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Bombs are falling as they
March into battle
It is hot in the desert
But they keep moving
The sun gleaming down on them,
Soon the moon will say
So many told them it would be dangerous,
That they shouldn’t join
But they knew
Their country needed them
So here they are
Standing on the front line
Doing what’s right,
Defending their country
Of course,
They are both,
Maybe more scared than confident
But they will not run
They will defend
Till the

The author's comments:
My father has been deployed once, and may have to go again. My father, inspired me to write this poem, because even though I know he is scared, he acts confident and brave, because he is defending his country.

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on Jul. 6 2011 at 6:33 pm
this is great i know where she comes from and hope that she realizes that her dad is a hero and should be treated as such in real life and not just in writing. Though i love this poem and it is a great contribution to everone going through the same as her!! cant wait for more from this artist!!