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The heart thinks

June 7, 2011
By Carter SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Carter SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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What if one day, our hearts started thinking like our brains?
How screwed would we be?
What if we made every decision based on logic,
And made critical choices by which one is more efficient.
If people who need help didn’t get it because they weren’t “beneficial to society” like our brains would say.
What if we couldn’t be merciful,
Because our hearts couldn’t think?
Would the world break into complete chaos,
Or would we become unified in an attempt to be “as efficient as possible”?
If we tried solving the riddles to life like a math problem,
Or tried reading other’s expressions like a book,
Would the brain realize that in its search for total efficiency,
It’s actually being rather inefficient?
We would never realize that we’re surviving, not living.
We would never see the emotion in the world,
Would never feel a true connection with it.
What if we lost the ability to judge the emotional side of things, instead of just the logical?
A question for future generations, I suppose,
So long as they still think with their hearts, not just their brains.

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