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Tinker Bell

June 5, 2011
By AliceAngel DIAMOND, Shreveport, Louisiana
AliceAngel DIAMOND, Shreveport, Louisiana
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Tinkling. Ringing.
That’s what I hear.
It makes me think of Tinker Bell.
The poems that I write,
Are kind of personal.
And yet, I write them anyways.
I post them on facebook.
You say they scare you.
So I delete them.
I have them written down,
They’re like close friends.
I keep them close,
I don’t share them.
I’d like to let the world know how I feel,
But it would end in disaster for me.
Everyone would ask how I really feel,
And I’d lie and say I’m happy.
That I’m fine.
But on the inside,
I’m crying.
I’m drowning in depression…
Do I have depression?
Am I depressed?
I’m not really sure.
Everyone would make a big deal out of my poems,
Wondering what was going on in my head when I wrote it.
Well, what was going on in my head?
You’d have to ask me while I’m writing them,
Because right now, I don’t really remember what I was thinking.
There’s that ringing again.
Tinker Bell.
Maybe she’s real.

The author's comments:
Earlier in the day, i had heard some ringing and tinkling. I wasn't sure if it was my imagination or not, but it stopped. And then i posted some of my poems on facebook, and i went into my parents room and she asked if i had written all of them. I lied and said i had written some. I asked why and she said because a part of them were scaring her. So i decided to make a random poem about this whole thing.

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