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Take Me Away

June 1, 2011
By Maddy1618 BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
Maddy1618 BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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What lies behind us and what lies before us are both small matters compared to what lies within us.

“Baby it’ll be okay, it will soon all end, nobody will take you away”
Those are the words that my daddy always says,
While I sit there and think…is this all really going to end?
Gasping for breath as I try to ignore the pain
Trying not to be bothered by the troubles,
What really is there to gain?
Is time really my only factor?
How much longer do I have to wait?
My head buzzing with questions…
Does this really have to be my fate?
I soon close my eyes and quickly fall into a deep, dark sleep.
Where I dream of meadows and skies of baby blue,
I dream of chasing butterflies in fields of wild flowers
Although it doesn’t stay that way forever, soon the sky is taken over by clouds of gray
Clouds that turn into thunderstorms, chasing me into my brothers loving arms.
There he sits rubbing my back
~Baby, are you okay?~
I can’t answer, I’m in way to much pain,
So quietly I shake my head no
What left is there for me to do?
I can barely talk,
Barely breath,
Oh god, why does this have to be me?
I lay in bed thinking to myself
*How do I say goodbye*
I don’t know how…it’s just too hard.
So I close my eyes and float away…
A place to where nothing can go wrong.
My pain is gone forever,
*Daddy you were right…It ended and it’s all okay
Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can ever take me away*

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