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What to Fear?

June 6, 2011
By PassionFruit SILVER, Templeton, California
PassionFruit SILVER, Templeton, California
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It's not the person,
But their actions.
Not what they've conquered,
But rather what they fear;
So what does it say of me,
If I am afraid?
Afraid, not of death,
But what happens after it?
Not of the snake,
But what of its bite?
Not of the dark,
But.. what's in it?
Love, you ask me not why,
But why not?
Because I am afraid.
Not of the climb,
Or of the obstacles,
But what's at the top?
Not of falling,
Or hitting the ground,
But from how high?
Not of lost energy,
Or of time spent,
But is it time wasted?
Now my breath is taken-
Not by his eyes,
But oh, what's behind them!
And I face the question:
Not why, but why not?
Because I am afraid.
Not to love-
But to lose it

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