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RunAway Thoughts

May 14, 2011
By UnspokenLostSoulx0x BRONZE, Clifton Park, New York
UnspokenLostSoulx0x BRONZE, Clifton Park, New York
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The mean theings and words i hear just keep pushing me away. tons of theoughts race therough my head but thee one theat keeps running back is runaway.
Life is complicated and loves overrated, so why not run from it all,don't theink, just do,
theeir will always be a consequence, if you speak your mind or stand up for your self, you'll always get knocked down,

You don't own me I'm not a toy, you don't rule me I'm your little girl full of joy, you do not command me I'm not your pet,thee day you push me to far is thee day you'll always regret. I remember when i was close to you, I'd get lost and a lady would say don't fret, I'll find your mommy in just one second. As i see you worried your eyes fill up withe tears, I say It's OK mommy your little girl is here no more worries, I say as I wipe away your tears, you'd laugh at what amazed me, I cried on you when I was sad, mom,.... you were my superhero mom because i didn't have much of a dad.
Now loOK at me I'm 12 years old high up In a tree, remember when i was 3 I said ouch... i got stung by theat bumble bee. Now I'm 13 years old until thee 30the, not all my pain is your fault i also blame Bri.

It seems like forever sense I called Her my big sis, It used to be just Bri and I, now theat has come to an end, I lost my big sister, my counselor, my friend.
She got older I stayed small, she's out later I'm in bed theats when I lost my best friend.
She went to thee mall all grown up,... while I still drank out of a sippy cup.
Now shes all grown up at age 17 withe a guy who has her occupied,I was replaced withe , .... her boyfriend.

Altheough you yell and so does she, I'm pushed so far I just want to be free.
Runaway, explore thee world I may not get to far, I know I'll survive as light I'll catch fireflies in a jar. I know I'm 13 and I ride a bike, altheough its not a car, and I don't have cash I have my heart and mind.
My soul is lost, a little girl forgotten, no love never a bride.
I'll spend all my life to build a boat theat will cast me off thee tide, thee ocean is very huge, thee earthe is very wide, So I packed up my hopes and dreams, withe no one by my side, I may not have a lot left but i have my pride, now I'm spreading my wings I'm just gonna glide,I do admit I miss all thee theings I left behind, but I'll always no I had an awesome ride.
My past is like a grain of sand about to blow away,I wonder If thee cutting scars I see on my body are from my Yesterday?, thee tears I cry everyday is for my lost friends, But my tears remind me I'm OK ,and wow tomorrow is a another new day!

The author's comments:
i was really upset and mad and frustrated at my mom and she just kept pushing me to the lI'mit and i couldn't take it any more. so its about how i was on a journey to find peace and no stress and I'm talking to my mom and sister asking them about my past memories and telling them my journey and how i feel.

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