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A Lesson In Labels

May 14, 2011
By LindsayAnn16 BRONZE, Orange, Connecticut
LindsayAnn16 BRONZE, Orange, Connecticut
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"I really found the simple things live closest to your heart, I'm not alone because I live inside a world that is my own"

Don’t Label Me…

A liar because I’m sure you do it too

A slut because everyone lusts

An idiot because knows one knows everything

An nobody because everyone is unique in their own way

An ice queen because every heart has the ability to melt

A fighter because I would give it all up for you

A dreamer because dreams are the starting points of what could be reality

A hopeless Romantic because the divorce rate now a days is too hard to ignore

A innocent because I have yet to do that something

A partier because I want to have a good time

A nerd because I enjoy reading

An athlete because I am good at sports

I might be all of these things, so please,

Just except me as I am…

The author's comments:
Labels are a part of this world,a huge part. I have been called all of these things mentioned in the poem yet feel that none of these "labels" accurately describes me. Everyone has so many aspects to themselves that one word just doesn't cut it. One word shouldn't define a person or let it set limitations. There are so many possibilities to what a person can do and labels just help set restrictions.

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