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Who am I ?

May 21, 2011
By AngelAaliyah BRONZE, Statesboro, Georgia
AngelAaliyah BRONZE, Statesboro, Georgia
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.I often find myself confused. lost. hurt. but not anymore. Not until you figure out who you are can you control what happens in your life ;

The pain you feel. The hurt you cope with. The tears no1 dries.

The spark in your heart that once lived has now died.

[And] the only thing you can ask god is why .. Why me ? What did i do wrong.? What did i do t2 deserve this?

When people hurt me and call me things outside of my name;

It doesn't bother me anymore; Because i love how it hurts. If i cry*

I give you power over me! but now I turn that pain into strength! No, its not cool but its life. Either live with it and be happy. Or try to fight it and be miserable. They say live as if you'll die tomorrow,

- but dream as if you'll live forever.!

I've learned that its okay to cry, because tears are not a sign of weakness, They are a sign of power that has yet to be discovered.

When my aunt died. A piece of me died with er' .. Sometimes i cry and scream and yell. B/c i never got the chance to say GOODBYE/:

-Seems like my daddy cut me off wen the rest of the world did.. [&&]

At that moment i added to the millions of unwanted kids in this world.

The (soft) girl that everyone once knew died.

Always putting on this fake smile t2 cover the pain.

[And] indeed it was a good one b/c only a couple people really noticed the bruises that we're hidden behind my eyes.

The memories i couldn't escape. [And] the life i wanted so bad to be ceased ; So i wouldn't have to suffer anymore ..

Only then was it that i became acquainted with me ,, # The REAL ME..


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