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when we were young

May 20, 2011
By titangods31 GOLD, Brevard, North Carolina
titangods31 GOLD, Brevard, North Carolina
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real eyes realize real lies/ true love never fades

When we were young, you were my crush with you cute brown hair and stunning emerald eyes; staring at me and then blushing after you know I saw you. Then you changed and you would walk up to me and speak; I thought you were sweet. That's when we were only going into being teens. You were cute and sweet and I liked you a lot. We were then 14 and we were best friends. When I saw you my heart sang, but I could never tell you that; it might ruin our friendship. I don't know if you like me too, or even if you know I like you but I am pleased with liking you in silence. Now we're 18 and every day I feel you touch when you aren't there. I long to see you every day and for you to tell me you love me so I have the opportunity to say 'I love you too'. We're 20 now and I gave you up. I found someone and now I'm married happily. You walk up to my house one day and you asked to come in. You see my bulging stomach and realization hit you. You muttered something and walked into the night. You finally wanted me but now we couldn't be together. Funny how time changes things, isn't it?

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