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Men on the TV

May 22, 2011
By angrybob13 SILVER, Fayetteville, Arkansas
angrybob13 SILVER, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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The men on the TV smile and waver
speaking their long inspiring speeches in which nothing is said.
They ask for our money, our daughters, and sons.
"Be a patriot" they tell me
but a patriot for what?
They take from us like
they are taking food from
a starving man, and try to tell us
that it is for our own good
how do they know what's best?
How can they have time to judge morality between their drinking parties and fancy dinners, and society wastes away outside their gates.
The men on the TV smile,
and tell us that Lady Liberty
is still strong.
But she cannot hear them
because she is already dead

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