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Clown Child

May 17, 2011
By K.H.D. PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
K.H.D. PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Weird, crazy, slightly off her rocker;
Point, laugh, stand back and mock her.
A norm that was not meant to be,
Yet something she tends to see.
A clown she's become,
In hiding amongst the shadows from her true sun.
Hidden she remains,
As the truth from society she refrains.
Daily facts arrise to the surface:
Battered, bruised, broken at the base;
Negative views they portray unto her,
Building her self-doubt, making her unsure.
As the dawn of the day begins to arrise,
She scurries to the darkness of her lies.
An actress she may be,
Yet none tend to see
Who she is truly;
Whom she is meant to be,
Whom it is they should see,
Why it is she tends to flee,
Rather than embrace with glee.
This fear has quickly become
An animal consuming her from
Her mentality to her outer being,
Causing this weak personality to swing
From confident to doubtful,
Creating a gap, an unfillable hole,
A crevice deep down to her soul;
An endless, monstrous toll.
And as she flees, she sighs;
And as she sighs, she asks herself why:
Why it is
She does this,
Why it is she's pulled herself from the ones she's missed.
And as she lists,
She sits,
She sighs;
She hits,
She cries.
Along comes the morning light,
No more is she able to hide;
She has no more strength to fight.
And at this she stands, she takes a stride;
She looks to the heavens,
Counts to seven,
As onward she travels
Along the pave and gravel;
Through the grass,
Continuing on passed.
Honesty reveals,
As her wounds begin to heal;
Support she'll gain,
No more will she refrain.
Distant is the pain,
As she dances in her rain,
Waiting out the rainbow,
So as to others show:
This is her, who she is to be;
This is she, and all she is to see.

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