An Echo on the Wind

May 17, 2011
My voice will echo until
I fade into an echo.

To resound with lasting passion
Repeating the words
Of my fathers before me

To clutter the mind with a thousand voices
Each softer, farther, lighter
Than the last

To make an impact
Refuse to slip away
Smoothly or softly

To insist on being heard
No matter how many times my
Words must replay
To make them listen!



And as my voice,
My words



My very being
Begins to fade.

Here I am: the echo girl
Born in the past
Stolen from my time
Torn between lives
Bouncing off the walls
Striving to break free from this
CAVE I am in.

I was not born an echo

I was made one by the cave
The cave of



This cave! It contains me.
Dissolves the fibers of my soul
Until all I am is air.
And my words…
Words of Then, spoken in Now
Are just an echo on the wind.

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Anagam said...
Jul. 4, 2011 at 10:12 am

Awesome! All I can say!

Well I can say more. Ha. I love your writing style!! It is very clear and powerful!

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