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Love is Forever There

April 14, 2011
By manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
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Her brain flashes back,
To the time at the game
She is so pleased,
That he came.

She snaps back,
Awaking in his arms.
She feels secure,
Away from any harm.

She looks up,
To see his smiling face.
She smiles back and,
Uses his body as a brace.

She whispers softly,
Into his tender ear.
She finds his hands,
And everything seems clear.

When he walks away,
She counts the steps he takes.
When they hold hands,
She knows it is no mistake.

Their lives are interconnected,
Like simple wire and twine.
They look at each other,
And his eyes start to shine.

They know they need each other,
And their spirits will never part.
They find comfort in one another,
And never want to depart.

He holds her tightly,
Never loosening his grip.
She shivers ever so lightly,
When she feels the touch of his lip.

He pulls her toward him,
And wraps his arms around her.
His lips are soft and tender,
Almost like the finest fur.

He looks adoringly at her,
Thinking about how much heart she stole.
He can’t forget about it,
The way she makes him whole.

He whispers “baby” into her ear,
Making her shine with cheer.
In the sunlight,
He sees a glistening tear.

He wipes it away,
And she starts to smile.
She thought to herself,
The wait was worthwhile.

They day will come,
When they have to depart.
Yet even on that day,
They will never be truly apart.

They will never forget,
The times they had.
The big and the small,
Yes, even the good and the bad.

His future is toward the air force,
So he stands solemnly at the airport.
His plane pulls into the loading area,
But he feels like he is falling short.

He turns around,
And drops his bags.
He runs to the door,
He no longer lags.

He drives to her house,
And rings the bell.
He knows this is where,
He is supposed to dwell.

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