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Red Rose Dying

June 6, 2011
By KaitlynnNicole PLATINUM, Heyworth, Illinois
KaitlynnNicole PLATINUM, Heyworth, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
From me: "The Point of writing isn't so others can understand what's going on in your mind. It's so you can understand what's going on inside yourself."

By me: "Who needs you when I have these yellow lines on this road?"

Red Rose Dying, Dying Red Rose
All because, The choices I’ve chose
Help the World, To Help myself
So I won’t be, A Doll on a shelf
Left alone, Just left to be
No one else here, Only me
Hope it ends, no it won’t last
This life goes slow, And yet oh so fast
Hope you don’t; And cannot see
My life: a prison, Though I am free
I feel so lost, Yes so alone
My heart’s on fire, Yet an icy stone
My wrists are cut, My arms are bruised
My mind’s a mess, I’m so confused
Don’t know what else, What else to do
You loved me first, But only you
I loved you too, But you never saw
The love I gave, Against the law
My face is blank, My thoughts don’t show
I need that help, But I won’t go
My life is fading, Now almost gone
I’ll stop right now, Stop writing this
Nothing shall save me, But Death’s sweet kiss
Red Rose Dying, Dying Red Rose
All because, The choices I’ve chose…

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