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Second Home

May 11, 2011
By bridgetmurphy14 BRONZE, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
bridgetmurphy14 BRONZE, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Without faith, actions are nothing."

It washes away
As the car drives from your place.
The one that makes you happy,
day after day.

Frustration, anxiety, pain;
feelings known all too well.
Falling again,
it comes back with a bittersweet smell.

Easily sucked until gone,
while the happy place fades into the distance
Stress and anger pressed from the driver.
The beginning withered to nothing by the end.

Longing for that high,
awaiting with another sigh.
Too long without-
increasing feelings of doubt.

Seemingly unnecessary,
yet completely vital.
The only source fades to black;
surreal feelings on piggyback.

Expressing feelings without words,
happiness drains from my body.
The place is an escape
from my regular world of nerds.

Breakdowns if away too long,
While sadness and anxiety levels rise,
as the leotard up my butt
imitating a thong.

How could one gain happiness from pain?
Knowing you're closer to one more joy.
As the car drives away, I wish I weren't in it;
but at the place I know best
with my team and the rest.

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