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The Kingdom of the Waves

May 11, 2011
By writingcheetah7 GOLD, Barr., Rhode Island
writingcheetah7 GOLD, Barr., Rhode Island
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The first murmurs of a wave is seen,
And steadily
The gentle pitches of the water increase and
The first waves roll forward with a force,
Surging mightily;
Rolling towards the shore with
Strength and power.
Looming over the waters below,
The height of the wave is reached!
The wave begins to curl,
And with a gurgle they succumb
To the water above them
The new, colossal waves
Crushing, defeating;
The small wave quietly
Glides forward along the sand,
Thinning out to a mere sheen on the hard-packed grains;
Its energy slowing, and with one single momentary pause,
The journey of the swell will be turned back
What was once the mighty wave
Retreats from the shore,
Sucked backwards by the pull of stronger waters;
Back into the wide expanse of grey

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