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You are not the man I once thought you were

May 3, 2011
By baumshell DIAMOND, Burbank, California
baumshell DIAMOND, Burbank, California
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There are two men
I long for compatibility, a companion with a like mind
Neither fit the category
The essence of their care surrounds my presence,
but it isn’t enough
Love is not enough to make me stay
It is much more so if you fit with my values in a perfectly harmonious way
One is so far from it, one is almost so close
Still neither fit,
that puzzle piece does not correspond with my soul’s, does not go into my heart’s deepest hole
So you, you take that silver pistol out from your drawer, drive that fast car
I won’t be waiting outside your door
You button that shirt Mister, and drive that little car too
I won’t be waiting outside your door
Your cars could meet on the street that connected me to your two houses
I am already on the other side,
wearing a sheer, white dress picking out fruit and flowers in the summer breeze
I am at the Temple praying, hearing the voice of the gods, not your own
I am at the bar sharing a smoke and drink,
I puff, I sip, I laugh and dance, your memory begins to fade
I am still the same person, I have not changed
It is only that you are no longer what I thought you were,
and you, you never were
I am finally free to say
leaving each was worth the mistake
I have made a list and you do not fit
as the partner of my ideal

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