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The Meaning Of Love

May 11, 2011
By jeffreyboyer83 GOLD, Providence, Rhode Island
jeffreyboyer83 GOLD, Providence, Rhode Island
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If you think you understand,
Everything about love,
Even if it’s in your hand,
You can never know enough…

It changes every minute,
Every day, every year,
You try your hardest to win it,
But yet it’s something you fear…

You want it more than most,
And given almost all for,
The opportunity to boast,
Saying I’ve found love for sure…

You find the right girl,
And you feel so very glad,
But then she twists and turns your world,
And you can’t help but feel so bad…

You feel like your life is completely over,
But in your sorrow you find,
A girl, a lover, it’s like you’ve found a four-leaf clover,
And the love between you two is combined…

You will have twists and turns,
In the road of love,
But you must suffer the burns,
To find your true turtle dove…

You may think you understand,
All about that thing called love,
But if it’s in your hand,
Be gentle and not rough…

Take it from a man,
Who tries to mask and glove,
The fact that he has failed and that nobody can,
Understand The Meaning Of Love.

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