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Red Sparrows

April 29, 2011
By thejanitor BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
thejanitor BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"The story of life is like the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello goodbye."

When I as a boy I dream t of going away
Falling away somewhere in space
Reality reacted to my visions mimicking gravity
How can you leave her?

I used to sit on my front stoop
Pondering my imagination
Fond of the thought I could visit nations
But how can you leave her?

"Darling shes very sick, she cant keep anything down,
we must be very thankful of every moment we have left with her"
Sitting next to her, not sensing illness
More of a hazed fulfillment

She was becoming a bat, blind and nocturnal
Lost in three different worlds
One of no sight, one of reality
and one of lost memory

It was hard to realize what had become real
She said she hadn't seen me since I was a baby
"Grandma I was here just yesterday"
That day I knew even experience loses its way

Knuckles pierced through thin skinned hands
that felt a beat during prayer while others were folded
Bless our health and health of our loved ones
Purify the sins from our blood, god bless America

Still now I can see it so vivid, like it was just
yesterday, like I could relive it
Yanko and I seated by the window at the back
And wisdom was the answer to the questions that I asked

I said "when we leave what do you believe is on the other side,
what happens when we find the end of our lives?"
She sent a sly look as if she might creep
Then spoke in a tone that Ive known to help me sleep

She said "Seize the moment,cherish life and own it,
theirs far too much hate to continuously demonstrate it,
life is what you make it, dont break it or those around,
find what deep inside you have already found

Then she drifted lazily lisping foreign at my side
Began to rhyme a Russian lullaby
"Do you hear the sparrows outside", no was my reply
Revealing that those sparrows were really cardinal cries

She rose and told me "were born and we go like sparrows,
love is born along with life no matter what colored toes
were free to be anything and everything we want to be
any bird can slur their own spoken word"

My thoughts were deferred as she ached to take a seat
She had my feet deep as the lullaby wept
As for the message I didn't see it till after the stone
When I saw a cardinal and sparrow on my way home

I pondered the tone, my mined groaned for a while
Till I realized I understood and idolized her style
No lie will shape me for I'm straight as a pharaohs arrow
Flying over barrows, my eyes narrowed, I'm a red sparrow

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